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If you’d like to leave a feedback or report a bug please email me on
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26 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome”

  • Hi..I downloaded your sinhala dictionary and its supe
    rb…if possible can you develop a sinhala unicode supporting font for Android. Again thanx
    and keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the feedback Madhawa. If you search on google there are blogs on how to install Sinhala fonts on Android phones. Let me know if you cannot find any.

  • Upul Chandana Bandara says:

    මෙ ඩික්ෂනරිය ගොඩක් හොද එකක්. ම්ම් හිතන්නෙ මේඩික්ෂනරිය විතතරයි එන්ග්ලිශ් උච්චාරණ බවිතා කරන්න පුලුවන් ඩික්ෂනරිය.

  • සිංහල අපට පමණක්ම නොවෙයි,සිංහල භාෂාව ඉගෙනීමට රුචි ඔිනෑම අයෙකුට ඉතාමත් ප්‍රයොජනවන් app එකක්

  • Hai, I am using the dictionary for more than six months. But after updating it’s not helping me. I want it back as it is very useful. .

  • Hi sachith you are doing great work.wish you all the best. Please can you add this word also. Would be better for all users.thanks

    Word is : Tyrrhenian

  • That’s a very nice app. But, after I updated that,it cannot open even.plz tell me the instructions to go back to the old version.i’m using an apple phn with the version 8.2

  • That’s was a superb app. but,After I updated that it cannot even open. Plz send me the instructions to go back to its old version.
    I’m using an apple phn with the version 8.2

  • After enter word (meaning of word) and shift to another word dictionary refresh again and again that’s the problem ( I used your dictionary but now I don’t use it because this problem) , old version of dictionary this problem was not there, if you can make it your dictionary will be very popular among people

  • This is a great app, but after I got the update it is quite difficult to use the favourite list. Because, when we search a ward from the favourite list and when we returning to the list, it comes to the top of the list. This is quite embarrassing, because every time I have to scroll down to find the next word, but earlier version didn’t have this problem. Further favourite list always come as alphabetical order, better to have the original list as we saved( previous versions has this option).

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