Are you an Android user, visiting Sri Lanka and or residing there, looking for translation help with Sinhala, Tamil and English?

Then, Sinhala Tamil English Lexicon is the best answer for you. Welcome to the first Sinhala English dictionary on the Android Market, including translations of English to Tamil / Tamil to English too.
Quick and easy reference to carry on your Android device, with over 200,000 translations accessible within seconds. Be best equipped to make the most of your translating and communicating experience in Sinhala, Tamil and English!

Below are some ways the Sinhala Tamil English Dictionary can make your life easier:

* Sinhala definitions for over 200,000 English words
* Tamil definitions for over 300,000 English words
* Thesaurus
* Multilingual Translator
* Spelling suggestions / corrections
* Display the meaning in Sinhala / Tamil
* No font installation required
* Sinhala Transliteration
* Tamil Transliteration
* Type Sinhala / Tamil words phonetically using Roman characters (with real time character suggestions)
* Requires an Internet connection.
* Small file size

Kindly provide your feedback whenever you use this app and support us to make it just the way you need it. Hope to get back to you soon with more to help your translations further.

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