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In a digital era which brings the whole world to your fingertips if you are online, here is something to save you in a connectivity crisis! Welcome to the Sinhala Dictionary Offline, a FREE English to Sinhala / Sinhala to English Dictionary with a database of more than 160,000 words for Android version 2.2 and above. If you are on a travel to Sri Lanka or living in a poor internet access area, this is a must have app and a user-friendly tool to keep your life and work going. Dependence on the internet could cost you and the Sinhala Dictionary Offline is the best solution for you!

Main Features

* The #1 FREE “Sinhala Dictionary” app for Android
* No internet connection required (works offline!) 
* Over 160,000 Sinhala / English definitions
* Spelling suggestions 
* Word Predictions
* Displays definitions in Sinhala
* English Transliteration
* Search History
* Favourite List (V5.0 +)
* Backup & restore Search History & Favorites automatically (V5.0 +)
* Sinhala to English Dictionary
* Type Sinhala words phonetically using Roman characters 
* Real time character suggestions
* Option to use a Sinhala Keyboard input
* No Sinhala font installation required
* English / Sinhala Pronunciation 
* Translator (Requires a data connection)
* Voice Search
* Ontouch Dictionary *New
* Image Translator *New

* Translator 
For all who have eagerly waited for updates and new features, a new translation service has been introduced. This requires an internet connection and has been compiled based on 3rd party sources.

* Image Translator 
Now you can easily translate images with text by your fingertips. Simply take a photo with the writing or select any image from your device and get the text translated, just like that. Make sure the photo is of good quality, so that the text in it can be easily recognised. 

(Sinhala Dictionary uses default Android Text-to-Speech Engine, You can download alternatives from Google Play – IVONA , eSpeak, SVox etc)

Learn the English meaning of … or What could …. mean in English’ are your questions, this is the ideal and easiest tool to have anytime, anywhere on your Android phone.

The free dictionary app contains advertisements and options to share content via social media.

Kindly provide your feedback whenever you use this app and support me to make it just the way you need it. Hope to get back to you soon with more to help your translations further.

My special thanks go to Daniel Klein, who helped to implement the English transliteration successfully.

  1. Download Sinhala – English Dictionary for Android
  2. Download Sinhala – English Dictionary Offline for Android
  3. Download Sinhala – English Dictionary for iOS

Sinhala Transliteration Scheme

Android app on Google Play

iOS app on App Store


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79 thoughts on “Sinhala – English Dictionary”

  1. Sanjeewa says:

    Excellent stuff Sachith ! Keep up the good work.

    Hope to see the iPhone version very soon.

  2. sri lanka news says:

    Thank you for another informative site. The place else may I am getting that type of information written in such an ideal method? I’ve a mission that I am simply now operating on, and I have been on the glance out for such info.

  3. Lakmal says:

    I have a Huawei G510 android 4.1.1 phone. Every time I try to download Sachith Dictionary, phone shows a massage “Package file is invalid” and stops downloading. Please help me and give me an advice to download this dictionary.

    Thank You.

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Lakmal,

      Sorry, I’ve just seen this message. Are you still having problems downloading the app? Please email me on if you still need help. Many Thanks.

  4. viraj says:

    new version of sinhala english can not install to my old anroid,can you give me early version of that,i had to reset my phone and I lost that early version of sinhala english dictionary,great work

  5. suhaina says:

    Thanks a lot 🙂 . . Its perfect now. .

  6. Prabhath says:

    Hi Sachith,
    It a amazing dictionary which has a wornderful user experience. Please keep it up.
    Thanks & Regards,

  7. Your servant says:

    Apps eka godaak wedidiyunu karalaa.mahansiyata godaak pin.

    Mithrayaa.. meeke wachanayak type karaddi suggestions ena widiyata heduwoth thawath godaak agei. Salakaa balannako.


    1. Sachith says:

      Thanks very much for the feedback. You can enable suggestions through the settings. Please let me know if you have any problems enabling it.

  8. indika bandara says:

    really nice work. thank you very much.
    i cant see the word and spelling sugession when my keyboard is on. search button covers that area.(search button is in the middle aria of the screen ) early version did not have this problem. pleas give your kind attention for this matter
    thank you

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Indika,

      Thanks very much for the feedback. You will get an option to view the suggestions as a dropdown list (same as what you had in the previous release) in the next release.

  9. Ahamed Zaim says:

    Grea App

    Need a new DB update for new words.
    weldone keep it up.

  10. Lahiru says:

    good but realease it for windows 8.1 and ios also.if not it’s incomplete app.

    1. Sachith says:

      I have released an iOS version and the windows version will be released in the next couple of weeks.

  11. Amila says:

    Hi Sachith.

    BlackBerry 10 os now supports android 4.3 runtime.
    Can you post your app to BlackBerry apps world.


  12. thilini says:

    can I know.. u version can install for laptop

  13. ලසිත says:

    නියම වැඩක්… හදවතින්ම සුභ පතනවා මිත්‍රයා …. තව තවත් මෙවැනි වටිනා නිර්මාණ කරන්න ශක්තිය ධෛර්ය ලැබෙිව‍ා කියලා ප්‍රාර්ථනා කරනව….
    දැන් මෙි ඇප් එක නැති ඇන්ඩ්‍රොයිඩි පෝන් එකක් හොයාගන්නත් නැති තරමි…හැමෝම ලග තියෙනවා … සැහෙන්න ප්‍රයෝජනවත් …

    ජයවෙිවා !
    -ලසිත බුත්තල-

  14. chandana says:

    please create dictionary for windows phone.

  15. madushan says:

    Hi sachith,

    This is really helpful application.

    I have change android to Apple.

    Do you have this application for Apple.


  16. Nethmi says:

    Thanks a lot.because this is very useful dictionary

  17. Nethmi says:

    A friend,
    Dic eke transletion wala dawasakata dena limit eka madi.ekata gathayuthu visadumak thiyenawada?nadda?

    I hope your reply soon

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Nethmi..Thanks for the feedback.. I’ll consider this in the next release.

  18. Sumudu says:

    Hai sachith,
    Thanks’s a amazing dic

  19. Thilina Weerasinghe says:

    Good work…
    Mamath obata mulu hadawathinma suba pathanava…
    Thanka bro to make a good Sinhala Dictionary….

  20. Hansa says:

    Please provide this for apple ios as well

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Hansa,

      I’m planning to release an ios version but at the moment I’m unable to confirm a time scale. Thanks

      1. Lovie says:

        Heck of a job there, it abollutesy helps me out.

    2. Sachith says:

      You can download the iOS version from the app store. Thanks

  21. Achim says:

    I would like to have a paid version without ads

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Achim,

      There is no plan to release a paid version of this app but I’ll consider this in future. Many Thanks

  22. saliya says:

    New version of sinhala dic . is not user friendly. In every search it asks abouta long llist . time wasting.its unable to set default setting through given path.

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Saliya, I hope this is now resolved as discussed by email. You will get an update towards the end of the month. Thanks

  23. Yohan says:

    Versatile. Very useful. In new update eng 2 sing eng pronouncing is not there. Pls help me to set it.

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Yohan, Thanks very much for your feedback. You can enable the pronunciation through settings. Please email me on if you still have any issues.

  24. Sandun says:

    The new update has so many faults. Can’t I out date this.
    The previous version is excellent.

  25. Mahesh Hewawasam says:

    The new update has so many faults
    previous one is best.
    new one is not user friendly
    so many problems when searching sinhala to English
    pls set the previous one agsin.

  26. Mahesh Hewawasam says:

    I have been regular subscriber of the dictionary . It is very advantages.
    But new up date is unsuccessful .
    Not user friendly.
    Can i get the previous one pls.

  27. mahesh says:

    Windows phone walata me app eka thibunanm godak watinawa eawa use karana ayata…. There are no any good sinhala dictionary for Windows…

  28. Isuru says:

    Thank you very much sachith bro….

  29. Isuru says:

    Thank you very much sachith bro….
    All the best…..!

  30. Sithum says:

    Can you convert this app windows based program cuz the there are few good dictionaries of sinhala which are windows based programs.The once that are exist are pretty outdated and consist with jubbarish sinhala definitions.Kindly consider my idea it would be a big help to everyone who is Sri Lanken

  31. Nuwan says:

    Aluth update eka tikak slow wela wage. Animation tikak adu karala tikak.speed wenna hadanna puluwanda? This is the beat dictionary ever.

  32. Aaftab says:

    Where can I download the old version please?

  33. Kanishka says:

    Split screen view denna barida?

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi, Not currently supported but starting from Android N this should be available.

  34. Nalin says:

    Good stuff…

  35. Cas says:

    Best app.ubt ads are disturbing

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi, Many thanks for the feedback. As you know the app is offered free of charge on Google play. But the Ads are necessary in order to support continuous development and to cover the cost of servers, 3rd party services such as translations. Kindly request your understanding.

  36. Sr. Raphael says:

    Hello Sachith,
    Thank you for this very useful dictionary. I have it on Android and am quite pleased to use it.
    Sometimes when Synonyms are not available I get the message to try online.
    Q: Can I use this dictionary on my computer when it demands to go on-line?
    Can you enlighten me further on this?

    1. Sachith says:


      Thanks very much for the feedback. I’m afraid this app is only available on Android and iOS.

  37. Charith Willarachchi says:

    Hi Sachith.

    Appreciate your great work on this application. Please enter the definition of the word “Decan” to your app. That word relate to star signs. Like, a star sign has 3 decans as we fall into according to the each sector of the month that we have born in.


    Charith Willarachchi.

    1. Sachith says:

      Hi Charith,

      Thanks very much for the feedback and I’ll that word in the next database update. (You can update the database through settings if you are not aware)

  38. infas says:

    How can i download this app ?

  39. Gayathri says:

    Keep it up.
    Wish you all the best!
    Thank you very much.

  40. Malak says:

    Hey,I am using this app,it’s very useful to me,and excellent app.
    Actually i ‘ve a problem when using speaker to pronounce,early it works properly,now it doesn’t play the word’s pronunciations.i checked settings of app & my device too,but i couldn’t find out the error,I know problem is in my device,but sir,can u give me a suggestion to play this???

  41. asintha says:

    widget eka podiyata thawa tikak attractive vidihata hadannako.

  42. Dhananjaya says:

    Nise application bus I found some bugs i go to history select some history words I tap speek word button its not working. Please check out it

    Thanks ….

  43. Chaminda says:

    Greet work but how to stop add app

  44. kasun says:

    Hi sachith.
    Great work.
    How can i get rid of adds. purchase method??.

  45. P.d.s.perera says:

    “Lead to the altar” -විවහාවෙනවා
    This word is not your dictionary
    And can you do if we search the word support the software how do support like the google search engine

  46. Suraj says:

    While im on dictionery suddenly it is not working n dissappeared by giving error msg…pls be kind enough to give troubleshootings

  47. Gehiru damnidu says:

    Your dictionary is good.It is really useful.Many meanings are included.I’m sure that your effort is very good.

  48. Oshanz says:

    Nice work. Awesome if we can hide known words.

  49. Shamilka Thilakarathna says:

    2016 new update 1k nedda?

  50. Manuja says:

    No any keyboard help. Annoying.. Otherwise good.

  51. Sachithra says:

    Very helpful but new version contains ads which is annoying

  52. Sehan says:

    Could you develop the same app for windows PCs as well?

  53. it's me says:

    One word ; GREAT ☆

  54. Amila says:

    Thanks again for valuable application.
    I have to request one thing of the app. If you can remove startup loading screen itz very easier to access the app. Now itz hard to search the word.

  55. Kalum says:

    Marai machan . Mata poto ekaka thiyena paragraph ekak highlight karaganda system ekak thiyenawada. Pls help me.

    1. Sachith says:

      Have you tried the image translator option in the dictionary app?

  56. Jinendra bandara says:

    realy done a greate job for all of us.usefull ever.
    keep it up.weldone.


  57. Rasitha says:

    Thank u very much for creating this. Its priceless

  58. Damitha Thushara Kaluwitharana says:

    Dear Sachith,
    This is very useful app
    Thank you very much for creating this app
    It has nice interface

  59. shan says:

    Hi bro,
    niyama wadk.
    pc ekath support katanna app eka update kalanam maru

  60. Chandananda says:

    Good job dear all the best

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